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Our High Spec Glass Products
Solar Reflective Glass

Installed into windows and facades, both single and double glazed solar control glass allows thermal insulation during the cooler seasons, protection from overheating during warm periods, energy savings in heating systems, air conditioning and artificial lighting, the protection of the environment and insulation against outside noise.

Solar refective glass is a solar control glass, which blocks up to 2/3 of heat by reflecting it to the outside. It can be used to help keep the interior cooler during hot months. The glass has a microscopically thin coating on one face which provides an attractive appearance and reduces glare from direct sunlight.

Solar reflective glass is Ideal for your future home if your south facing and all our glass products have been developed especially with thermal and acoustic insulation in mind. Their function spans both commercial and residential applications equally effectively in New Build as in Refurbishments.
Self Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass is designed specifically with 'ease of use' in mind, we manufacture the Bio Clean range of self-cleaning glass. By both greatly reducing and facilitating cleaning, the products are equally well suited to the residential and commercial sectors.

Clearer vision through Windows & Doors and means your curtains do not look dirty or discoloured ,mostly used with skylights and rooflights.

Dual-action self-cleaning glass that stays cleaner for longer. A permanent, transparent coating on the outside surface of the glass harnesses the power of both sun and rain to efficiently breakdown and remove dirt and grime such as dried, dirty water marks, dust and insect residues.
Unique Spacer Bar
What is Warm Edge Technology?

"Warm Edge" refers to the thermal conductivity of the spacer used to separate the panes of an insulating glass unit. If the spacer material is less conductive than conventional aluminium, it is called warm edge. Most of the newer spacers perform better than aluminium, but still contain some metal - often steel or aluminium wrapped in butyl rubber and this metal is highly conductive.

Compatibility of our SpacerĀ® with Low-E Glass

Ours has the capability to bond with most types of glass surfaces. This includes our Spacer's ability to stick to all tested Low-e coated surfaces to date.

Improves Sound Absorption

The closed-cell polymer foam in Super Spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional aluminium spacers or less metal warm edge spacers.We recommend using Super Spacer wherever noise from airplanes,trains or automobiles may be a problem for building occupants.

Improves Condensation and Mould Resistance

Mould needs moisture to grow. The significantly reduced tendency of IG units fabricated with Super Spacer to exhibit interior condensation or frosting means that the health problems associated with mould can be almost eliminated. Health Canada research found that Super Spacer helped IG units stay in the optimum low-humidity zone that prevents mould and bacteria growth.

Globally Tested and Proven with Awards

Since its introduction in 1989, Super Spacer is still the only polymer foam, NO-Metal warm edge spacer. Over 70 million feet of Super Spacer is used annually worldwide since the start of production over 15 years ago. Super Spacer received the 1994 "Solar Company of the Year" award issued by Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. Our manufacturer is an Energy Star Partner. Testing Data is available to show that IG's made with Super Spacer meets standards used in the USA, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, China and Europe. It also meets Dade County (Florida, US) Hurricane standards.
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Planitherm Soft Coat E Glass as Standard

New regs have come into play and all our top of the range products are not only up to date but surpass all recommendations. We only use the highest spec glass products on the market as this will increase performance and provide excellent u-values.

We know glass can be an important feature to products such as Bi Folding Doors and large glass panels, that's where our team comes in and provides you with the right products that will do the right job.

We use the high performance Low-E Soft Coat Planitherm Argon gas filled glass with a warm edge spacer as our standard glass product.

Low-E glass has thin, metallic lays and is substrate designed to reflect long wavelength infra rec heat energy that is not visible energy wavelength which is why they are nearly invisible. Low-E coated glas reflects or re directs radiant heat generated from a warm object back towards the source of warmth 4 to 20 times better than uncoated glass.

When solar energy is incident on a glazing, the Sun's heat is flowing into the building interior. Low-E coatings always reduce the heat flow through a glazing and therefore using a Low-E coated glass instead of ordinary glass will always reduce the glazing's SHGC value.  For example, the SHGC for a 1 inch insulation glass unit uing Low-E glass is used as the second glass layer instead of ordinary clear glass.
  • What is planitherm glass? - Planitherm 1.3 is a revolutionary, high performance, soft coat low-emissivity (low-E) glass
  • Better thermal insulation - Reducing heat loss further, saving you even more money on heating bills
  • More comfortable rooms - Better insulation means fewer cold spots and drafts near windows or doors.
  • Less condensation - The inner surface of glass stays warmer reducing the chance  of condensation.
  • Window Energy Rating - SGG PLANITHERM TOTAL has a high thermal insulation with high solar heat gain, making it one of the most energy efficient products available under the BFRC Window Energy Rating scheme
  • More light - Less tint means more light entering the room, making a more comfortable environment and reducing the need for extra lighting inside.