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Frequently Asked Questions
Why aluminium ?

- Aluminium has a long useful lifespan It is not damaged by UV rays or moisture, and does not rust, rot or bend
- Aluminium guarantees optimal air, water-and windtightness
- Aluminium has an outstanding thermal insulation factor
- Aluminium is available in a rich variety of colours
- Aluminium is suitable for a wide range of styles
- Aluminium will provide a more modern look to your future home.

Are your frames adjustable ?

Our Bi fold Doors are adjusted by the jambs left and right of the frame as hinges are high security hinges and would not choose to go this root for our adjustments, hinges should do their own job and thats door hanging.

Our Bi fold doors are NOT a fixed frame system and don't recommend this the way forward because adjustments can only be done by the hinges again we must stress that hinges should have one job and thats door hanging.

The reason we say hinges should not have any adjustments because of the wieght load would not handle weight on any bi-folding door system again our systems have highest security hinges you can buy on the market.

Only buy Door Systems with adjustable jambs.

Fixed frames for patio doors ?

Fixed frames can be used in one case and that is on aluminium patio doors and specifactions are worked out to suite this product only as patios are adjusted on the mushroom on the door panels.

 weight load for our patio doors is run on the bottom of our doors and runs on a stainless steel track and can handle more of a weight load than any door system on the market with hieghts of 3m and widths of 2.0m

Large glass panels help obstruction of views ideal for a more visiable view.

Where is the weight load on your Bi Fold Doors ?

The weight load is at the bottom and runs on a stainless steel track with tough nylon runners and a sturdy mechanism strong enougn to handle a great weight load the top of the doors are supported by a guide.

Can be seen on our key feature page.

Weight on bi folding systems should have the weight at the bottom.

What Glass is used in your products ?

Glass is important when it comes down to bi-folding doors and sliding patio doors so we use the highest spec glazing products on the market.

All our glass is 28mm as standard and has a 4mm low-e toughned glass soft coat film all in with a warm edge spacer.

Planitherm soft coat low-e glass is a U-Value of 1.0 and used as our standard double glazing product.

We do other glass options which are explained on our glass option page

High spec glass options help the performance of windows and doors

What is the maximum width per panel of your bi folding system ?

Our system can go to a extreme width due to the structure of our accessories the maximum width is 1.2 meteres per door with this system the aim is to provide more light.

Our doors have maximum widths you can buy on the market as wide as 1.2 per door panel.

What is your guarantee for all your products ?

All our products have a 10 year guarantee and is insurance backed and we comply to all building regs as we are a fensa registered company and have to keep updated with all double glazing regulations.

We are fensa registerd and provide insurance back guarantees included in price for that free peace of mind

Do you have a showroom ?

We have a showroom available  which is in London just fill in our online form and we will arrange a appointment as showroom visits are by appointment only,  but do advise to see bi-fold products before you buy.

We guarantee you won't be dissapointed once you see our products and give free feature demonstrations on all our products.

All our products are the highest spec systems on the market and we are well known door specialists in the bi fold door industry.

Fill in our Free Demonstration showroom form for all our products

Do you provide slimline products ?

Yes all products have slim sightlines and We sell only well known products and have a selection of doors on display and would be more than happy to help you make the right choice for your future home or project.

Slim sightlines help provide a more cleaner look and beautiful visiable views and also will gain extra light in your living area.

Are you a Registered Limited Company ?

We are a registered limited company our registration number is Company Registration No: 5846179

If there are any more queries then do not hesitate to give us a call for our professional advice on 0845 504 1893. 

Company Registration: 5846179